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Jason Wu has designed for many celebrities and is most famous for designing Michele Obama’s Inaugural Ball gown. And now, ordinary fashionistas have the honor of wearing his line now that he’s teamed up with Target.

Here’s My Jason Wu for Target Experience:

At 4:30 AM EST, I logged onto the Target Site. I was actually shocked to see some items were actually still online and the site had not crashed.  I was able to get a few items that I wanted into my cart. Checkout was a different story. By the time I was able to checkout, two items were removed from my cart. Totally pissed me off Target because you know damn well that Lace Clutch was mine!

So I decided I would be brave and go to my local Target. I decided that I would see what I could get and if I couldn’t find what I wanted, I would have to make peace with it.

The line was not that long. I was about number 8 after arriving at 7:30 AM. By the time 8:00 rolled around, only about 60 or so women were waiting for the doors to open. I attribute this to “Missoni for Target” Madness, that overwhelmed stores back in September.

The manager came out at about 7:50 to explain the rules: Orderly conduct and No Running.  At 8:00, we briskly marched toward the corner of the store where the Milo, the black cat, greeted us with only 4 racks of clothing.

I grabbed whatever I could, in the first size I saw that was mine. I’m proud to say that the women there were very civilized. No elbows were thrown. No hair was pulled. Just 60 women clearing the racks in about 3 minutes.

I then went to another part of the store to do some decision making. Whatever I didn’t want went back on the racks. As I was returning some items, I heard a woman complaining to a customer service rep that she was disappointed that the entire stock was almost gone at 8:05. I guess she didn’t hear about what happened with Missoni for Target.

I was a little disappointed that the Target that I went to only had the clothing and not all of the clothing that the website listed as “in store” (BOO! You Liars!).  Most of the women who were there had a specific item in mind (particularly the Flared Dress in Cream with Black Patent Leather Belt) and were disappointed as well when they did not see all of the collection on the racks. Some actually left when they found out that none of the accessories would be in this particular store.

Checkout was easy because most of the women crowed the dressing rooms.  As I was in line, a young lady at an adjacent register was on the phone with her credit card company begging them to let her $898 purchase go through. Her intentions were to score a huge payday on eBay like a lot of the other women did with Missoni for Target.

On a whole, I like the Jason Wu for Target line. Some of the pieces are reminiscent of some of the outfits my mother wore in here early 20’s. I also feel a little bit closer to Michele O now.

However, I do have a little buyer’s remorse on some of the items I purchased. They just didn’t sing to me as much as they did when I saw them online.  Thankfully, Target has a great return policy. So, I might take back a few items, if they don’t end up listed on eBay first.